Top 10 Budget Home Theater HDMI Cables 2017

When you’re putting together a media center, the right set of budget home theater HDMI cables can make all the difference. While just about any HDMI cable will work, not all cables are equal. The perfect set of high-definition cables for home theaters will produce a sharp picture along with crystal-clear audio. The technical specifications of your cables can tell you a lot about how they will perform in various circumstances. The bandwidth of your HDMI cables determines how well your media center will perform, and all of the products on this list offer outstanding audio and video quality.

1. Metra Home Theater HDR 4K HD HDMI Audio Cable


This high-quality HDMI cable is perfect for home theaters of all types because it produces excellent colors along with outstanding audio. It’s durable and easy to use, so you won’t have any problem connecting your equipment and using your home media center. With 4K Ultra HD digital bandwidth, it will provide you with low-latency performance for many years.

2. 30 Foot B & A Computer Black Gold HDMI Male/Male Digital Audio/Video HDTV/Home Theater Cable


Another excellent option for affordable home theater HDMI cables is the 30-foot Black Gold high-bandwidth cable. It’s designed for media centers that include Wi-Fi connectivity as well as DVD and CD playback. You’ll easily be able to set up your high-definition television anywhere within 30 feet of your media center, and the simple black design of the cable will match any home interior.

3. Zeskit HDMI Cable – Cinema Series


If performance and durability are what you’re after, the Zeskit Cinema Series HDMI cable is the perfect choice for you. It’s one of the best home theater HDMI cables because it combines cutting-edge data transfer technology with a woven nylon exterior and triple-shielded interior for maximum sound and video quality. Its support for Ethernet connectivity allows you to stream online content to your HDTV for a great home theater experience.

4. FLAT HDMI Cable 2.0


Whether you have special installation considerations or you simply want to keep your wires hidden, this 50-foot Flat HDMI cable will perfectly accommodate your situation. It delivers a high-definition picture at up to 2160p, which is four times the quality of the HD 1080p standard. You won’t experience ghosting or static when using this cable, and you’ll easily be able to connect components in separate rooms.

5. 2-Pack FLAT HDMI Cables


This two-pack of Flat HDMI cables offers all the clarity you need for 3D gaming, Ethernet connectivity and high-definition video playback. Whether you have multiple televisions or you want a backup cable in case of an emergency, two of these low-cost home theater HDMI cables will provide the quality and versatility you’re looking for. You’ll be able to share your media with compatible devices using the included audio return channel.

6. AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Cable and Digital Audio Optical Cable 2-Pack

AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Cable and Digital Audio Optical Cable 2-Pack

For specialized home theater setups, a separate audio cable may be necessary. This set of HDMI and digital audio cables will allow you to separately stream audio to your speakers while delivering high-definition video to your television. The TOSLINK cable provides incredible sound quality for all types of audio devices, and the HDMI cable is compatible with all DVD players, game consoles and video playback devices with HDMI output.

7. Boltlink High Speed 4K HDMI Cable


This product offers 100 feet of triple-shielded copper cable along with two gold-plated metal connectors. The sound and video quality delivered by this cable will be excellent from the day you install it to the day you no longer need it. It’s suitable for running under carpet and in high-traffic areas, and it includes an audio return channel along with Ethernet support.

8. Million HDMI Male to HDMI Male Cable


This cable from Million is another affordable option for HDTV enthusiasts who want great audio and video quality without the hassle of static, latency or distortion. The gold-plated connectors will ensure that the data transfer bandwidth remains high for as long as you own this cable, and the 99.9-percent oxygen-free components will provide maximum signal integrity.

9. Mediabridge Ultra Series – High-Speed HDMI Cable


The Ultra Series from Mediabridge offers one of the highest-quality HDMI cables available. Every cable is individually hand-tested for quality and consistency, and the Mediabridge company has been an official HDMI adopter since 2007. You can rest assured that your home media center will look and sound great when you choose this copper-shielded, gold-plated cable.

10. Cable Management Sleeve, JOTO Cable Sleeve


When you’ve got your home theater set up, a cable management sleeve will help you keep everything organized and out of the way. The JOTO sleeve features a minimalist design and convenient double-sided adhesive that will adhere to any wall or surface. The stretchy neoprene material will last for years while keeping your cables protected.

You have no shortage when it comes to high-quality digital video cables and accessories. No matter what type of home media center you’re building, it’s important to shop around for budget home theater HDMI cables that perfectly suit your installation.

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