Top 10 Best Budget Headphones for Music

Buying good headphones for music listening can be challenging, as the best options usually threaten to break the bank with just how expensive they are. This isn’t always the case, though, as cheap music headphones are out there. The problem then becomes finding them among all the others.

Here’s a list of ten low-cost music headphones that still provide superior audio quality while playing your favorite tunes.

1. Sivga SV007 Over Ear Headphones

sivga-sv007-over-ear-headphones-best-budget-headphones-for-musicThe first thing most will notice about Sivga headphones is their unique and alluring aesthetic. Hand carved from real wood, their beauty is matched only by their impressive sound quality, boasting HiFi stereo sound with a deep bass. The headphone cups can also rotate 180 degrees, which, combined with the stretchable leather headband, means comfort won’t be an issue here.

2. iDeaUSA Wireless Headphones

ideausa-wireless-headphones-best-budget-headphones-for-musiciDeaUSA’s take on Bluetooth headphones is a rousing success with a 33 foot range. Cheap noise cancelling headphones are hard to come by, but these provide an effective option at the flick of a switch. Featuring 4.1 stereo sound and the ability to switch to a wired connection via a micro-USB port, these are the perfect option for all your music listening needs.

3. Sony MDRXB800 Extra Bass Headphones

sony-mdrxb800-extra-bass-headphones-best-budget-headphones-for-musicThe MDRXB800 headphones feature a wired design with an almost four-foot long cord, giving you plenty of space to use them with whatever device you like. Featuring crisp binaural sound and powerful bass boosting, they’re perfect for any kind of heavy music or even ASMR. When it comes to cheap music headphones that keep things simple and extremely effective, these are what you want to go with.

4. 233621 H501 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

233621-h501-active-noise-cancelling-headphones-best-budget-headphones-for-music233621’s H501 headphones are a great bargain for a lot of features. With active noise canceling technology estimated to last up to 50 hours on a single AAA battery charge, they’re great for jamming out no matter how loud the space you’re in might be. With memory foam ear pads, you can be sure you can listen to your favorite songs in comfort with hi-fidelity sound and the crispest, cleanest quality you can imagine.

5. Ghostek Cannon Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

ghostek-cannon-wireless-bluetooth-headphones-best-budget-headphones-for-musicThe Ghostek Cannon Bluetooth headphones are a perfect choice for anyone looking for a stylish and comfortable way to listen to their favorite songs. A handsome leather and mesh band attaches the plush, foldable earcups letting you listen to music in bliss from up to 30 feet away. These headphones feature built-in controls for pausing and playing songs as well as answering or ignoring phone calls, plus a spot to plug them in for a wired connection or to charge. They even come with a storage pouch for safe storage when you need to put them away.

6. Sony MDR-ZX750DC Wireless Noise-Canceling Bluetooth Headphones

sony-mdr-zx750dc-wireless-noise-canceling-bluetooth-headphones-best-budget-headphones-for-musicThese affordable noise-canceling headphones are made even better and more convenient by their wireless capabilities. Compatible with tons of different audio playing devices, these headphones offer a great listening experience with or without the ANC function enabled, letting you hear all sorts of audio files effortlessly. It even lets you make or receive calls from a connected phone. Packaged with a USB charger cable, a micro-USB, a stereo connecting cable, and a smartphone control cable all packaged in a convenient carrying case, you’ll have everything you need to jam out.

7. HedFonz Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones

hedfonz-active-noise-cancelling-wireless-headphones-best-budget-headphones-for-musicHedFonz’s ANC Bluetooth headphones have an effective range of 30 feet, providing top quality audio and blocking out around 95% of outside distractions. An included AUX cable can also convert them into a wired connection if you need it. With a battery tested to last up to 15 hours of continuous playback, you should have no trouble making the most out of its easy connectivity and crisp sound. The makers are even so confident you’ll love these headphones that they offer a 30-day money back guarantee on each purchase, plus a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty.

8. Alpine SV-H300UB Over-Ear Headphones

alpine-sv-h300ub-over-ear-headphones-best-budget-headphones-for-musicAlpine’s SV-H300UB headphones are some of the best in the wireless market. With a rechargeable battery lasting up to 10 hours of continuous use, you won’t have any problem enjoying your favorite songs on a plethora of compatible devices. Utilizing TKR3 Full Frequency Immersion Technology, these headphones are said to replicate the experience of listening to music live because of their extreme sound clarity and clever use of acoustics with the headband, making for an unforgettable experience with each track.

9. Ncredible1 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

ncredible1-wireless-bluetooth-headphones-best-budget-headphones-for-musicFeaturing a 30 foot range and a battery life of 15 hours (plus a short 2 hour charging time), the Ncredible Bluetooth headphones are a perfect choice for music listeners with any device that connects wirelessly. Integrated controls on the sides of the ear cups give you the ability to control your music without even needing to touch the device you’re listening to, plus a built-in microphone and phone compatibility to keep you from rocking out so hard you miss an important call from your boss.

10. Lucid Audio AMPED Sound Amplifying Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

lucid-audio-amped-sound-amplifying-bluetooth-wireless-headphones-best-budget-headphones-for-musicThe Luci Audio AMPED headphones give you a sense of control over your sounds like no other, with separate integrated controls for multiple sound channels at once, plus noise-dampening of outside sounds. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the omnidirectional microphones on each ear cup can even amplify outside sounds for things like live concerts, but also have automatic Sound Activated Compression to protect your ears from harmful noises over 21 dB. With the option to switch between a Bluetooth wireless connection or a 3.5mm wired connection, you’ve got more options than most brands at a fraction of the cost.

No matter your needs, there are plenty of affordable headphones for music out there ready to give you the best music listening experience possible. Tons of brands offer great quality at an even better value, including the ten examples previewed here.

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