Top 10 Micro Projectors

Micro Projectors are the new craze for professional presentations. These lightweight and affordable portable projectors are available in different sizes, such as mini, pico, pocket, and micro.

With these miniaturized projectors, you can basically do everything that you could do with a standard projector. You can play movies, present a presentation for work, or see pictures from a vacation anywhere there is a flat surface, like a wall or a board.

Here are some of the best micro projectors on the market right now. They are sure to get you excited about your next presentation!

1. Miroir Micro Projector M45

miroir-micro-projector-m45-top-10-micro-projectorsThis small projector comes with Texas Instruments technology, known as DLP technology, inside of its tiny package. The technology helps the projector display bright, dependable pictures. The projector can project up to a 50-inch image, and with the help of HDMI connectivity, can connect to all of your smart devices for easily sharing or streaming photos and videos. For Apple products, an adapter called the Apple digital AV is required for usage. This is sold separately. There is a built-in battery that is also rechargeable, so you will never miss a video and you can present a long presentation if need be – up to two hours worth. The built-in speakers with 3.5mm audio jack help this little projector connect to external speakers for bigger sounds.

2. YG300 Portable Mini Projector

yg300-portable-mini-projector-top-10-micro-projectorsThis mini projector is small but mighty. This is the perfect item to bring to a party or a special event. The size of this projector is about the size of your average smartphone and can be used indoors or outside. However, there is not a built-in battery. This projector is not recommended for work presentations, but it’s optimal for home entertainment where you can make the room really dark. Because of the not so bright light that the project puts off, it is healthier for a child’s eyesight than other forms of screen lighting. This would be an affordable gift for the techy in your family.

3. Pico Mini Portable Projector

This projector is very lightweight since it only weighs half a pound! It’s also really compact, measuring about the same size as a smartphone. This projector comes with a lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable and lasts about two hours on one charge. It can easily fit in your front pocket or inside any compartment in a backpack or a purse. This mini projector offers DLP technology as well, meaning all the pictures will be bright and crisp, with amazing resolution. It also offers the ability to do multi-screen sharing. This projector is perfect for entertainment for a party or a business, since it can project up to 120 inches and uses a remote. It also comes with a mini tripod, making presenting very easy. This mini projector comes with a warranty good for one year and lots of customer and technical support, too.

4. ExquizOn S6 Mini Cube Pico DLP Projector 1080P

exquizon-s6-mini-cube-pico-dlp-projector-1080pThis mini projector is one of the most unique on the market. It doubles as a hotspot for your WiFi, so you can connect all of your devices to the internet using this projector. This projector can connect to a personal computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet, or even a game console. It comes with an HDMI cable and a micro HDMI cable adapter. This projector is small enough to fit in your pocket. With a weight of only 0.38 pounds, this projector is extremely lightweight and would be easily transported just about anywhere. Despite its small size, the S6 Mini Cube Pico DLP Projector comes with a built-in battery that is also rechargeable and comes with a projector stand that will fit its mini size. The videos and photos that come from this projector are amazingly clear and crisp for how small it is. It can project up to 100 inches.

5. Amaz-Play Portable Mobile Pico Projector DLP

amaz-play-portable-mobile-pico-projector-dlp-top-10-micro-projectorsWith 200 lumens brightness, this pico projector broadcasts high contrast photos and videos with DLP technology. This projector also supports wired mirroring and has connections for Android or iOS devices. It weighs only eight ounces, making it easy to be carried in a purse, backpack, or just simply in your pocket if need be. The projection from this projector is about 120 inches and it has a rechargeable battery. You can use it for up to two hours, too!

6. AAXA Technologies KP-101-01 AAXA LED Pico Micro Video Projector

aaxa-technologies-kp-101-01-aaxa-led-pico-micro-video-projector-top-10-micro-projectorsThis projector has a super bright 25 lumens and offers pictures and videos in high definition. It can be used for a little over an hour until its lithium-ion battery needs to be recharged. The projector has built-in speakers and is compatible with Apple products for media sharing with everyone. This would be a great low-cost gift for anyone who loves photography or has presentations for work.

7. AAXA HD Pico Mini LED Projector

aaxa-hd-pico-mini-led-projector-top-10-micro-projectorsThis is the world’s smallest 720p HD mini projector. This projector comes with a rechargeable 2.5 hour lithium-ion battery. There is a media player with a built-in speaker on this projector as well. It has a small 2.3-inch cube design, making it fit easily in your pocket, backpack, or purse. This lightweight projector is designed to be used in mostly dark areas and has a maximum projection size of about 80 inches. You can charge the battery easily with the USB cable, but a special power adapter is required for continuous operations.

8. PTVDISPLAY iPhone Mini DLP Projector

ptvdisplay-iphone-mini-dlp-projector-10-micro-projectorsThis projector is just a little bit bigger than some of the other ones on this list. It has a 360-degree rotation tripod and an HDMI input and AirPlay Mirroring. You can connect just about any of your smart devices and even your laptop. This projector has a built-in, rechargeable battery and can project up to 120 inches. There is also a one year warranty that is included with the purchase of this portable projector.

9. Vamvo Ultra Mini Portable Projector

vamvo-ultra-mini-portable-projector-10-micro-projectorsThe Vamvo mini projector is really compact and portable. The lightweight and tiny frame makes it easy to take with you everywhere that you want to go. This projector can be set up to any of your smart devices, including a Smart TV. There are multiple screens that are supported by this projector, including AirPlay, DLNA, and Miracast technologies. The maximum projection is about 130 inches and uses a lightning cable, USB cable, or Type-C cable. With a vibrant display that has a resolution of 1080p, this projector gives off an awesome picture. The battery can last about two hours without a charge. There is an 18 month warranty for this product and the company provides lots of customer service and tech support.

10. AAXA P2-B LED Projector

aaxa-p2-b-led-projector-10-micro-projectorsThis mini projector has a compact cube design. It comes equipped with DLP technology for vibrant photos and sharp videos. This device comes with a standard media player and uses USB flash drives or microSD cards to play photos and images. This projector has a wide range of connections and can easily connect to your smartphone and tablets directly for mirroring capabilities. The battery can run for about 150 minutes without a charge and can project about 100 inches in low light conditions. The projector comes with a remote and a mini tripod. It is also backed with a one year warranty and offers lots of customer and tech support.

These mini projectors are sure to be a favorite gift to give this holiday season. They are super portable and give everyone a chance to let their creativity shine.


Top 10 Portable Projectors