Top 10 Best Budget Speaker Amps (2-channel)

By BHT Staff
April 2019

This article reviews the top 10 best budget speaker 2-channel amps.

Whether you live in a large home or a tiny dorm room, you want to listen to music and hear the crisp beats coming through your speakers. You might think that this means you need to spend a ton of money on a good system, but there are some budget speakers that are well worth your time. Those that feature two channels allow you to connect all your components together and enjoy rich audio sound anytime you want. The best systems are suitable for use with surround some systems too. Find the top 10 best budget speaker amps with two channels that are worth your money.

1. Pyle Wireless Bluetooth Power Amplifier System

Pyle Wireless Bluetooth Power Amplifier System - Budget Speaker Amps (2-channel)

This 2-channel amplifier features 200 amps of power and can work with both speakers and karaoke systems. A digital screen on the front gives you some basic information about the songs playing, but you can also use the amp as part of a surround sound system. It can support a range of devices and system parts due to the ports and inputs, including tape decks and CD players. You can use it with microphones, memory cards and USB cords too.

2. Facmongu F900 Mini Receiver

Facmogu F900 Mini Bluetooth Power Amplifier - Budget Speaker Amps (2-channel)

If you don’t have a lot of room in your home and want to save some space, the F900 is a smart choice because it’s one of the smallest receivers on the market. An aux port on the base lets you plug in components, and you can use the power switch to turn the receiver on and off. It features a volume knob on the top and jacks/inputs on one side for connecting other devices.

3. Pyle Mini Home Audio Power Amplifier System

Pyle Mini Home Audio Power Amplifier System - Budget Speaker Amps (2-channel)

Another receiver that can help you save space is this model from Pyle. This is a line input model that has multiple inputs and outputs for connecting devices together as part of a surround sound system. The pager mode lets you plug in a microphone and use it as part of a PA system. It works with both modern and older devices such as tape and CD players also.

4. Fosi Audio 2-Channel Stereo Class D Amplifier

Fosi Class D Amplifier Mini Hi-Fi  - Pyle Mini Home Audio Power Amplifier System - Budget Speaker Amps (2-channel)

Thanks to a rugged case, this Class D amplifier protects all the internal components from moisture and other types of damage. The four inputs on the back make it easy to connect your speakers, and it has inputs that let you use the receiver with other devices. This model comes with an internal chip made by Texas Instruments that provides clear and crisp audio.

5. Power Home HiFi Receiver

Pyle Mini Home Audio Power Amplifier System - Budget Speaker Amps (2-channel)

The easy to use design of this receiver makes it a good choice for those with less audio experience. The receiver is compatible with most entertainment systems and can work with a PA system to make sure everyone can hear you. With bass and treble knobs on the front, you can easily adjust the system to get the clear audio that you want. This model features two channels and inputs for connecting other devices too.

6. AudioSource Analog Amplifier

AudioSource Analog - Budget Speaker Amps (2-channel)

If you want one speaker amp that you can connect to speakers in multiple rooms of your home, this is a good choice. As it works wirelessly, you can connect as many speakers and devices as you want and control each one from one central location. It has a power light that comes on when it connects and a selector that helps you pick which speaker to use. This model will automatically turn on when it detects a signal.

7. Pyle Upgraded Premium Bluetooth Receiver

Pyle - Upgraded Premium Rack Mount Bluetooth Receiver - Budget Speaker Amps (2-channel)

For wirelessly streaming audio on a budget, few amps can beat this Pyle model. It has a two-channel design and is compatible with both Android and Apple products. You can use the receiver to boost audio from up to 30 feet away and make changes to the receiver with the included remote. The LCD display works with the internal components to identify your songs and displays both the title of the track and the artist’s name. It also reads both SD cards and USB devices.


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8. Pyle Home Audio Power Amplifier System

Pyle Home Audio Power Budget Speaker Amps (2-channel)

The impressive wattage of this amplifier makes it a good choice for creating a surround sound system in your home on a budget. It has an LED light that tells you when the system is on and bright blue lights that show you the levels you selected. This is one of the only amps that features an RCA input, which lets you connect everything from an old VCR to a new gaming system to the amp. It also features a simple power switch on the front.

9. Fosi Audio 2-Channel Stereo Audio Amplifier

Fosi - Budget Speaker Amps (2-channel)

With a minimal and compact design, this audio amplifier won’t take up a lot of space. It’s easy for anyone to use because it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that other products do. You simply plug in your components, toggle the switch and adjust the volume knob. The Texas Instruments chip inside provides great sound quality. Designed for those who love classic audio, it produces Hi-Fi sound and is compatible with most types of speakers, including bookshelf and computer speakers.

10. Pyle Professional Powered Amplified and Bluetooth Receiver System

 Pyle Professional Powered Amplifier & Bluetooth Receiver Budget Speaker Amps (2-channel)

Compatible with most of the devices on the market today, this receiver system has a built-in USB reader that lets you hook up an iPod or another device in seconds. It works with computers and speakers can work with most televisions too. Thanks to Bluetooth technology, you can wirelessly stream audio to the receiver also. It has a steel chassis that can stand up to abuse and inputs for connecting stereo lines and microphones


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