Top 10 Best Budget Speaker Amps (2-channel) 2018

It can be an overwhelming task to find a low-cost speaker amp. There are so many on the market and there are several features to consider as well. If you love to watch movies, television, or just listen to music, then it is imperative to have some high-quality speakers throughout your home. It can be difficult to find a cheap amplifier that still works great, but it is possible. It is important to know where to look and how to look to get the best low-cost amplifier that still provides quality sound. Here is a list of the top 10 best budget speaker amps.

1. Pyle Watt home Audio Speaker Power Amplifier

pyle-watt-home-audio-speaker-budget-speaker-amp-2-channelThis amplifier can be used for multi speakers with 2×120 watts and 4-8 ohms impedance. You can connect external audio sources like camcorders, DVD player, CD player and even VCR. It also features an AUX input so that you can connect anything from your PC to your cell phone. This budget speaker amp allows you to easily connect any speaker wires directly to your amplifier. There are responsive and crisp buttons for the power switch and rotary knobs for the bass, treble and master volume adjustments.

2. Pyle Updated Stereo Preamplifier

pyle-updated-stereo-preamplifier-budget-speaker-amp-2-channelThis cheap 2 channel amplifier allows you to connect microphones for karaoke jams. You can not only adjust the volume, but the treble, balance, and the bass on the master output. The 2 channel preamp receiver can power multiple speakers at once. The Bluetooth capabilities allow you to use your tablet, phone, computer, and laptop to wirelessly stream music. This affordable preamplifier has a 2,000-watt power output with a maximum load impedance of eight Ohm.

3. Pyle Wireless 2 Channel Home Audio Amplifier


This budget speaker amp has 250-watt power with Bluetooth capabilities. You can also use this with multiple speakers with up to eight Ohms impedance. It supports MP3, iPod, USB, AUX playback, and micro SD. It has a built-in FM radio along with a digital LCD display and audio input for a sleek look and great sound. For parties, there is a talk-over button which can be used to make an announcement or page somebody.

4. Pyle 2X40 Watt Home Audio Speaker Power Amplifier

pyle-2x40-watt-home-audio-speaker-power-amplifier-budget-speaker-amp-2-channelThis low-cost 2 channel speaker amp provides acoustic surround sound and 2×40 watts of power. You can use multiple speakers with 4-8 ohms impedance. This digital amp box will let you connect external audio sources from CDs to tap decks and DVDs to VCRs. You can easily switch between input types with the USB/LINE IN selector button. Simply press the button to set and play your audio files from the flash drive.

5. Lepy Mini Stereo Amplifier

lepy-mini-stereo-amplifier-budget-speaker-amp-2-channelThis affordable 2 channel speaker amp has built-in Bluetooth that is compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices. With a 3.5mm audio cable you can connect any non-Bluetooth enabled devices. You are guaranteed the best audio hearing experience with little distortion with the 2x45W+68W output power and 2.1 channel sound output along with super bass. This amp can play DVD, MP3 and USB. Because it is so compact you can take it with you just about anywhere.

6. OSD Audio Stereo Amplifier

osd-audio-stereo-amplifier-budget-speaker-amp-2-channelThis affordable speaker amp provides 75 Watts per channel and peak stereo power. There is a bridged mono output along with 160 Watts peak at a minimum 8 Ohms. There is an A or B speaker Output with 8 Ohm speaker minimum. This budget speaker amp provides dual source priority switching. The turn-on choices include the manual on/off switch or auto sensing. This speaker has a solid and sleek design and is very well built.

7. Crown XLi800

crown-xli800-budget-speaker-amp-2-channelThis two-channel power amplifier is efficient and electronically balanced with RCA and XLR inputs. It has forced air cooling to prevent any excessive thermal build up. There are two level controls, the power LED and power switch. There are a total of six LEDs that allow for signal presence, clip and also fault for each of the channels. This amp is easy to hook up and provides more than enough power with a clean and crisp sound.

8. Pyle Bluetooth Stereo Amp

pyle-bluetooth-stereo-amp-budget-speaker-amp-2-channelThis affordable amplifier provides wireless streaming and works with smartphones, iPhone, Android, tablets, iPads and everything in between. Its LCD display is sleek and easy to see.  It also has FJM radio and the USB doubles as a device charge port. The microphone volume, master, bass, and treble are all adjustable, and there is a repeat and random option along with a folder file search. The max power output is 200 Watt at 4 Ohm.

9. Pyle 2×120 Watt Home Audio Speaker Amplifier

pyle-2x120-watt-home-audio-speaker-budget-speaker-amp-2-channelThis affordable speaker amp is perfect for any home theater with an acoustic surround sound system. It allows for multiple speakers with 4 to 8 Ohms impedance. This is a personal portable digital amp box that allows you to connect to external audio sources from DVD to VCR, camcorder to tape deck etc. There is a USB/LINE IN selector button that allows you to switch between the input types. There is a USB input that supports flash drives or any other types of USB devices.

10. Pyle Dual Channel Mini Portable Stereo Receiver Box

pyle-dual-channel-mini-portable-stereo-receiver-box-budget-speaker-amp-2-channelThis very affordable stereo amp has 300 Watt power and has minimal distortion and acoustic surround sound. There are built-in safety features that go with this cheap speaker amplifier. There is anti-thump and power protection circuitry. In the unfortunate event there is a high voltage burst, there is no need to worry as this amp has a power protection circuit built in.

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