Top 10 Budget Home Theater Speaker Wire 2017

Budget home theater speaker wire is a must have for watching films and listening to music at home. Home theater systems let you hook up your speakers to subwoofers and other components to create one large system that pulls you into all the action of your favorite films and television shows. Though you may find some wire for sale in local stores, the best place to find low-cost home theater speaker wire is online. You can purchase enough wire for completely wiring your system and even for connecting speakers in another room for listening to music in every room of your home.

1. GearIT Pro Series 14AWG Gauge Speaker Wire


With this premium speaker wire from GearIT, you can look and feel like a pro at home. This is the same grade and style of wire that audio specialists use when installing theater systems in homes. The wire works with a range of home theater equipment and components, including bent pin connectors and banana plugs to ensure your whole system runs perfectly.

2. The Wires Zone TWZ True 12 Gauge Speaker Wire


This speaker wire from The Wires Zone features a blend of both copper and aluminum. The copper does a good job of conducing the sounds produced by your theater system, while the aluminum ensures that the sound moves into your speakers. The wire is flexible enough for bending and wrapping around certain objects and for running along walls, around floorboards and even through tiles in a drop ceiling.

3. AmazonBasics 16 Gauge Speaker Wire


Get cheap home theater speaker wire that you can use for hooking up your speakers to a receiver and other audio components directly from Amazon. This AmazonBasics speaker wire comes in a 16 gauge size that is standard across most components and will work with most amplifiers. You get 100 feet of wire that wraps around the include spool for ease of use.

4. GearIT Pro Series 16AWG Gauge Speaker Wire


While on the hunt for low-cost speaker wire for a home theater that will last for years, consider buying a spool of this speaker wire from GearIT. It comes with a unique coating that wraps around the wire and saves on general wear and tear. The copper-clad wire retains sound better and produces the clear audio sound that you need in your home.

5. Theater Solutions Two Conductor Speaker Wire


Theater Solutions gives you 100 feet of speaker wire in this product and wraps that wire around a durable spool that makes laying out and measuring the wire a breeze. You can easily cut and split the wire based on your needs too. It can help you connect one or more speakers to either a receiver or an amplifier.

6. Fosmon Copper-Clad Aluminum Speaker Wire


Fosom makes this affordable home theater speaker wire for those who own home theaters and need help connecting their components. The 16AWG size is perfect for most amplifiers as well as receivers that let you connect a DVD or Blu-Ray player to your speakers. A flexible PVC jacket wraps around the wire to increase its strength while also letting you bend that wire for your jobs.

7. Mediabridge 14AWG Speaker Wire


Give your home the type of sound you thought was only possible in a movie theater with this speaker wire for home theaters from Mediabridge. The wire comes already split and ready for installation. You can simply cut off the amount that you need, attach the wire to your components and cut off the excess. Mediabridge gives you a plastic spool with 100 feet of the wire, which has a durable jacket, wrapped around that spool.

8. KnuKonceptz Kord Kable 12 Gauge Copper Speaker Wire


If you have pets in your home, you need affordable speaker wire for a home theater that can keep up with your pets like this wire. The plastic jacket around the sides keeps those wires safe and protected from dogs and cats that like to chew. As the jacket comes in a bold blue color, you can also see this wire easily when you need to make adjustments later.

9. Cable Matters 14AWG In-Wall Rated Copper Speaker Wire


This bare copper speaker wire from Cable Matters is great for those who want to connect multiple audio and video components with minimal fuss. You get 100 feet of copper wire that sits inside a protective plastic wrap or jacket. The bare ends help you hook up components faster than ever.

10. InstallGear 14 Gauge AWG Speaker Wire


InstallGear offers this speaker wire for home theater systems for those who want good sound quality without going over their budgets. The wire comes wrapped around a spool with a flat end that you can either cut or split. Each of the wires has a color code that helps you easily identify which component to use with each half of the wire.