Top 10 Best Budget Speaker Cable

Most home theater systems do not include speaker cables, and when they do, they are usually low-quality wires that distort the audio. Most of us overlook the importance of speaker cables and, most often than not, do not make any effort to shop around for decent ones. The reason being that most people are under the assumption that a powerful speaker will get the job done whether or not it pairs with the right cable.

By now, you can tell that we believe that the assumption is wrong, and it is now up to us to tell you why. Well, the speaker cable is the unsung hero of your sound system, and a high-performance wire can make a world of difference to how your listening pleasure. A good speaker wire allows your hi-fi system to perform without impediment or distortion. And, it does its graft minus all the fanfare – perhaps that is why they are so underrated. But, with a market flooded with sub-par items, we know that the decision can be daunting. That is why we have eased things for you with our top-ten list.

1. AmazonBasics 16 Gauge Speaker Wire


Get cheap home theater speaker wire that you can use for hooking up your speakers to a receiver and other audio components directly from Amazon. This AmazonBasics speaker wire comes in a 16 gauge size that is standard across most components and will work with most amplifiers. You get 100 feet of wire that wraps around the include spool for ease of use.

2. RCA AH100R 100 Ft. 24-Gauge Speaker Wire

rca-ah100r-100-ft-24-gauge-speaker-wire-best-budget-speaker-cableThe RHA AH100R is for you if you are looking for a low-cost speaker cable that delivers high-clarity sound. It comes with an insulated jacket to minimize distortion over long distances and wire markings to ensure that you identify the correct speaker phasing. The 24-Gauge AH100R is capable of powering up some of the ‘heaviest’ sound systems you can find. Measuring 100 feet, it provides plenty of length for its price.

3. GearIT Pro Series 18 AWG Gauge Speaker Wire Cable – White

gearit-pro-series-18-awg-gauge-speaker-wire-cable-white-best-budget-speaker-cableThis is a tried and tested low-cost speaker wire that does not disappoint. It is aesthetically-appealing with a white color and excellent finishing. It is a professional-grade product that will serve you well in both domestic and commercial settings. What’s more, the wire comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty. Being a true 18 AWG Gauge cable, it is best for connecting smaller speakers that are incompatible with heavier-gauge wires to A/V receivers or Amps.

4. GearIT Pro Series 18 AWG Gauge Speaker Wire Cable – Black

gearit-pro-series-18-awg-gauge-speaker-wire-cable-black-best-budget-speaker-cableGearIT uses affordable copper clad aluminum (CCA) in the construction of its cables. By doing so, they cut down on costs while ensuring that they still guarantee maximum ruggedness and durability. This cable, like its white sibling above, complements the sound system by making audio to sound as it was intended to. Most people prefer it because its black color matches most sound systems and blends with all kinds of environments.

5. The 18AWG Speaker Wire

the-18awg-speaker-wire-best-budget-speaker-cableWith most home speaker manufacturers producing “All In One” units nowadays, it is becoming exceedingly difficult to find ‘separated’ speaker cables. The IEC 18 AWG 6′ cables are retro-style connectors that are ideal for both modern and vintage stereo gear. They come two in a pack with color-coded plugs for easy identification and hookups. You can opt to save a few bucks by stripping a standard RCA cable, but the gauge will be too small to match these wires’ output.

6. Pyle PPSJ15 12 AWG Speakon Type to 1/4″ Speaker Cable 15 ft.

pyle-ppsj15-12-awg-speakon-type-to-1-4-speaker-cable-15-ft-best-budget-speaker-cableThis is a study professional quality cable from Pyle Pro that looks and feels thicker than the advertised 12 gauge. It features a 1/4″ male phono connector on one end and a speakon-type speaker connector. It is rugged enough to stand up to moderate abuse and the ends are reinforced at critical junctures and are easy to re-solder. It measures 15 feet long and, thus, ideal for short-distance connections.

7. Mediabridge 16AWG 2-Conductor Speaker Wire

mediabridge-16awg-2-conductor-speaker-wire-best-budget-speaker-cableThis cable is for you if you are looking for an ETL-listed, CL2-rated cable for in-wall installations. It is color-coded and comes with a spool for easy dispensation and storage. It features a tough, yet flexible, plastic jacket and provides sequential markings at 3-ft intervals to facilitate easy setup. It is one of the most versatile cables on the market as it is compatible with a wide variety of components.

8. RCA AH1650SR 50 Feet 16-Gauge Speaker Wire

rca-ah1650sr-50-feet-16-gauge-speaker-wire-best-budget-speaker-cableThis affordable speaker wire shines when it comes to providing high-fidelity sound quality due to copper clad aluminum construction. It boasts maximum conductivity and durability without breaking the bank. It measures 50 feet and, therefore, ideal for mid-range connections – or you can just buy the pack and keep the remainder for future projects. It is compatible with spade tips, bent pin connectors, and banana plugs.

9. GearIT Pro Series 16 Gauge Speaker Wire Cable

gearit-pro-series-16-gauge-speaker-wire-cable-best-budget-speaker-cableThis is a cheap speaker wire with a surprisingly high-quality build. It is easily pair-able with banana plugs, spade tips, or bent pin connectors and works well with most amplifiers and A/V receivers. For a high-fidelity sound, the manufacturer uses premium stranded conductors covered by a thick plastic jacket. It is one of the best options out there and a favorite among audiophiles.

10. 6 Foot 1/4 to 1/4 12 Gauge Speaker Cable For PA DJ Speakers

6-foot-1-4-to-1-4-12-gauge-speaker-cable-for-pa-dj-speakers-best-budget-speaker-cableDespite being the last product on our list, this low-cost speaker wire has what it takes to outdo most higher-priced cables. This is a gig-worthy wire that will have no trouble driving your 1,000-watt bass cab. It includes oxygen-free conductors with over 99.95% purity levels to ensure a distortion-free sound. Although its 12AWG conductors are capable of relaying high-quality audios over long distances, it only measures 6 feet to reduce the strain.

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