Top 10 Budget Bluetooth Speakers

Cords, wires, and inconvenient attachments are a thing of the past as Bluetooth speakers have revolutionized the ways in which we can connect with our media.

Whether it’s your favorite tunes, that new-release movie you’ve been excited to see, or simply the local news or weather report, Bluetooth speakers make that connection without such physical restraints.

For those interested in getting aboard the wireless, Bluetooth wave, we’ve got a truly helpful list here for you. All factors considered, the following 10 Bluetooth speakers are 2017’s best Bluetooth speakers that won’t break the bank at purchase time.

PERI Duo for iPhone 6/6S


The Duo Bluetooth speakers for iPhone, by PERI, provide some of the best sound and for impressively long periods of time at that. Its 2900 mAh battery is capable of high quality sound production for up to 60 hours. The set also provides superior bass and treble balancing and comes in a stylish and compact companion package to the iPhone. The Duo is also great for speakerphone-doubling and amplification of otherwise quiet calls.

Bodecin Magic Bluetooth Speaker


For relatively low-cost Bluetooth speakers, these come with all of the glamour and appeal of a high-priced model. The Magic Bluetooth Speaker provides high-def sound quality backed by up to six hours of play time. Use it for speakerphone functions, as a microphone and hands-free Blue tooth telephone, and more. All the while, an entrancingly colorful LED light display gives totally awesome visual effects.

JBL Charge 2+


JBL, a name synonymous with industry tenure and know-how provides us with these top-of-the-line yet affordable, waterproof Bluetooth speakers for iPhone and Android. Rain and poolside action don’t stop the party when the JBL Charge 2+ is on the scene. Enjoy a completely splash-proof design, a powerful, 6000 mAh rechargeable battery, multiple operating modes, great sound, and a multitude of colors to choose from.

Anker SoundCore


For those that enjoy a sleek, low-profile speaker design that also puts out quality sound, the SoundCore by Anker may be the perfect choice for you. This slick unit offers great sound and surprising bass notes with built-in subwoofer technology. Also enjoy up to 15 hours of uninterrupted battery life, FM Radio support, and even a worry-free, 18-month warranty.

Bliiq Infinite X Outdoor Sports Bluetooth Speaker


Rugged capability is the unadulterated theme of these awesomely affordable Bluetooth speakers by Bliiq. Waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, and totally oops-proof, these speakers can truly go on any outing. This speaker setup provides great sound in a surround sound function as well as a battery bank and even a built-in flashlight. The Infinite X Outdoor Sports Bluetooth Speaker by Bliiq does it all in the roughest of outdoor settings.



Sony certainly isn’t known for cheap Bluetooth speakers, but the SRSXB3 edition provides low-cost Bluetooth speakers to the consumer without associated shortcomings in quality. Users enjoy deep, rich, and bass-filled sound courtesy of a lengthy, 24-hour battery life. This unit is also notably sleek and compact and uses a simple, one-touch fueled operation interface.

RShop Bluetooth Speaker


This speaker set by Rshop works great as a set of Bluetooth speakers for iPhone7, iPhone 6, and most, other popular phone models today. With many, cool looks to choose from, this unit provides extremely affordable Bluetooth speakers that look, feel, and sound far more pricey than what they really actually are. 3.5mm and USB connections, a simple button layout, and excellent hands-free capability make this one a winner.

PowerLead Floating Bluetooth Speaker


PowerLead’s Floating Bluetooth Speaker is an awesome addition to any great day or night in the pool. Place the speaker in the water and enjoy great sound and a responsive LED light show in addition. Features include an official waterproof rating, hours of battery life, vibrant shell design and color, and an all-inclusive, 100% warranty for a full year after purchase. In the end, there’s little left to look for when it comes to this water-welcoming gem.

Ultimate Ears Boom 2 Phantom Edition


As far as budget Bluetooth speakers go, the Boom 2 set by Ultimate Ears is a real winner. With superior, 360-degree, immersive sound, deep bass outputs, a sleek and portable design, and 15-hour battery life, what’s not to like? The PartyUp feature also allows for the connection of up to an astounding, 50 extra UE speakers. In addition, users of the Boom 2 Phantom Edition enjoy all the benefits of a waterproof and shockproof design in one of seven, great color choices.

Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II


Bose, a leader in electronic industry longevity brings us the low-cost yet highly functional SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II. This unit boasts quick USB porting, an 8-hour battery life, digital assistant access, excellent sound quality, and a rugged, siliconized, waterproof design. Voice prompts and easy pairing make life even better. Also select the color of your Bose Bluetooth speakers from four great options – aquatic blue, coral red, polar white, and soft black.

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