Top 10 Budget Home Theater Subwoofers Under $500 2017

Budget home theater subwoofers can be some of the best subwoofers around. By investing in low-cost home theater subwoofers, you can save money without losing out on any quality in the process. Rather than simply settling for affordable home theater subwoofers, you could very well make one of them an intelligent first choice. A number of cheap home theater subwoofers are respectable competitors for expensive subwoofers in terms of their dynamic power and convenience. The following are some of the most dependable low-cost subwoofers for a home theater, and can be bought for under $500 on

Klipsch Reference R-10SW Surround Subwoofer


Klipsch’s R-10SW surround subwoofer is a 10-inch copper spun model. This front-firing subwoofer is made with a brushed black polymer veneer cabinet. The total dynamic power output for the subwoofer is 300 watts, enhanced through phase control and low pass crossover. For a broader range of compatibility, the subwoofer has Line/LFE inputs.

Bic Acoustech PL-200 Subwoofer – Black


Bic America’s PL-200 front-firing subwoofer is a 12-inch, long-throw powered model. The subwoofer’s sound is pushed to the next level through its BASH amplifier. The volume of its sound, with a long excursion, can be adjusted through its volume controls. The subwoofer’s peak dynamic output is 1000 watts, and the its RMS wattage is 250. The frequency response range is between 22Hz and 200Hz and its sensitivity is 110 decibels at 30Hz. The subwoofer also features a strong magnet and adjustable crossover.

JBL L8400P 600-watt High Performance 12-Inch Powered Subwoofer with Digital Amplifier (Black)


At 12 inches, JBL’s high performance subwoofer manages to create a degree of bass that belies its size. This cast aluminum subwoofer is made with a digital amplifier that boasts a wattage of 600. The low-pass crossover, continuously adjustable, ranges between 50 and 150Hz. The subwoofer also features Symmetrical Field Geometry, a heatscape motor structure, and a 5-way bi-wirable binding post.

Yamaha Corporation of America SW315 Subwoofer System – Black Ash


Yamaha’s SW315 subwoofer system is a 10″ model with a wattage of 270. The subwoofer is built with a 10-inch driver and a PWM digital amplifier of 250 watts. This model has been designed with advanced YST to increase the synchronization of the amplifier and speaker when in operation, making the overall speaker motion more linear. The model is built with a Max Class D amplifier to facilitate a consistently smooth, continuous sound.

Sunfire SDS8 8″ 400W Black Home Theater Sub Powered Subwoofer Sound System


Sunfire’s 8-inch SDS-8 subwoofer has an RMS power wattage of 200 and a maximum power wattage of 400. This powered home theater subwoofer also has a frequency response of 30 to 150 Hz and a driver impedance of 4 ohms.

Pioneer SW-10 400W Powered Subwoofer, Black


Pioneer’s SW-10 powered subwoofer features a BASH internal amplifier with a wattage of 200. This 400W subwoofer allows you to maintain full control of the bass at any volume with no loss in quality. The 10-inch frame gives the subwoofer power to to operate at lower frequencies than what is usually seen in its class.

Polk Audio MagniFi One Sound Bar and Wireless Subwoofer System


Polk Audio’s MagniFi subwoofer can be assembled relatively quickly with minimal clutter. The subwoofer’s most defining feature is is Voice Adjust technology, making the owner’s voice more intelligible no matter what program is being used. The subwoofer is compatible with just about all television sets and is fully Bluetooth connectable as well.

Klipsch R-12SW 12-Inch Front-Firing 400W Max Subwoofer, Brushed Black Vinyl


Klipsch’s R-12SW subwoofer, a front-firing model, measures out at 12 inches and has a copper spun body. The subwoofer is all-digital and boasts a maximum wattage of 400. The subwoofer has Line/LFE inputs to increase its range of compatibility, a veneer cabinet of brushed black polymer, phase control and low pass crossover.

Audioengine S8 White 8-inch Powered Subwoofer


Audioenginer’s 8-inch powered subwoofer is a down firing model. The subwoofer features a front-ported MDF cabinet that is entirely finished by hand, dual line-level inputs, and an automatic sleeping function to save power. The frequency response is between 27Hz and 180Hz.

ELAC S10EQ Debut Series 400 Watt Powered Subwoofer by Andrew Jones with AutoEQ


This Andrew Jones-designed powered subwoofer, with a maximum wattage of 400, stands out with a unique Auto EQ feature. The subwoofer also features Bluetooth connectivity, a custom driver, a BASH amplifier, and a braced MDF cabinet.


Different home theater systems have come in countless different arrangements, but all home theaters can benefit from a rich-sounding subwoofer. Being rich isn’t a requistite for acquiring a subwoofer that produces a rich and consistent sound. Great subwoofers for home theaters are possible to buy on a budget, and the above subwoofers for home theater systems are perfect evidence of that possibility. When considering your options for budget home theater subwoofers under $500, consider the above products to be examples of the golden standard.

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